EDIT2000 (Edit Decision Information Tools 2000) is an application which calculates and presents aggregate information about edit data given an edl file. It should suit editors, producers, directors, and people who want statistical data on their film, feature or series.

This is the development site for EDIT2000. Here you will find the source code, tickets, bugs and requests and wiki pages concerning development tasks.

EDIT2000, the running web application, is available at


Features of EDIT2000 are:

  • Quantitative analysis of an EDL file, and per reel, including
    • Average shot length (ASL)
    • Min/max edit lengths
    • Edits by reel
  • XML serialization
  • Timeline of edits

See also the user guide, the FAQ and the release notes for a guide and overview of EDIT2000's capabilities.

Candidate future features are:

  • Comparison of different edl files
  • Online editor
  • RDF visualization

Other features are planned, please see list of tickets for a more detailed list of work tasks ordered by EDIT2000 version. The parser is roughly based on the edl specification of CMX3600, but the full specification of this format is yet to be completely implemented.

We strive to use technology advocated by  W3C, e.g., HTML, CSS, XML and XSLT, and tools which are more or less freely available, like  Saxon and  php.

Try it!

EDIT2000 is a lightweight server-side web application at:

Information about the future versions of EDIT2000 can be found at

and current and older versions:

The development version of EDIT2000 is always available at

EDIT2000 is licensed under the creative commons attribution non-commercial license, see for details.


We are very interested in your feedback -- be it bug reports, suggestions of new functionality or just a thumbs up -- or down. Contact us on

edit2000[A] ,

but make sure you read our user feedback page first.