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This part of the wiki is dedicated to versions 0.2.x of EDIT2000.

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Version 0.2.0 is the first "official" release of EDIT2000.

The important features of EDIT2000 version 0.2 are:

  • to bring on the important features from 0.1, like
    • ASL, min and max shots from edl file, but also
  • Produce a mature version of the mock-up 0.1
  • Better user interface
  • Bug fixes

Go to the version specific page on 0.2.0 for more information.

Version 0.2.0 was released 31.03.2009. See release notes.


This version's main focus is user feature and interface improvements. After 0.2.0 has been sent out the door, we hope to get some feedback so that we can understand better how EDIT2000 is being used and the problems that our user experience.

Go to the version specific page on 0.2.1 for more information.


The focus of this version is to improve the edl parsing.

Go to the version specific page on 0.2.2 for more information.

Pages specific to 0.2.x

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