Sgvizler has moved to github. This site and its repository will no longer be maintained.

Sgvizler 0.5

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Released: 14. Nov 2013.

Minor changes. Migrating to new location at Data2000. Moving all external libraries to external locations.

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Released: 25. May 2012.

  • New graph chart: rdGraph using the Dracula JavaScript visualization library, and sTable.
  • Major unlinting of code; using JSLint and JSHint.
  • Issues fixed: #10


  • Support for JSONP. This makes Sgvizler compatible with all reasonably new browsers, however, the SPARQL endpoint must return query results as JSONP, but many do.
  • New graph chart: dForceGraph using the D3 JavaScript visualization library.
  • New Google charts added: Bubble Chart, Stepped Area Chart, new Geo Chart
  • Refactoring of code.
  • Breaking version due to renaming of public variables.
  • Issues fixed: #2, #8, #23, #28, #30, #31, #25