Sgvizler has moved to github. This site and its repository will no longer be maintained.

This page conserns Sgvizler/0.6.
Other available versions:

Migrating to Sgvizler 0.6 from 0.5

HTML containers

To migrate your Sgvizler 0.5 pages to 0.6, you will need to

  1. Use the 0.6 version of Sgvizler, which requires a slightly different setup, see Sgvizler/0.6/Setup,
  2. Change the identifiers of the charts, see the table at Sgvizler/0.5/DesigningQueries for the translation between the two versions.
  3. That should be all.

Query Form

In order to have the basics of Sgvizler contained in one javascript file, the query form that in version 0.5 was kept in a HTML file, is now included in the javascript. Adding the form to your page is done by calling a sgvizler function, see Sgvizler/0.6/Using.

User defined functions

To migrate your user defined function to version 0.6, see Sgvizler/0.6/UserFunctions. Essentially, you will need to register your function using the sgvizler function chartsAdd.