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This chart and its examples are implemented using Sgvizler 0.6, for version 0.5 see Sgvizler/0.5/DesigningQueries.


Sgvizler Well-known Text (WKT) Map

Draws a map and geometric objects represented as  well-known text on the map.

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Query result set format

1--4 columns:

  1. WKT
    Datatype: String
  2. Name
    Datatype: String
  3. URL
    Datatype: String
  4. Description
    Datatype: String

The three last columns are optional. They give values that make up a popup box that is displayed when selecting the drawn WKT object on the map.

Chart options

Name Default Description
zoom 5 The level of which the map should be zoomed at startup.
centerLat 62 The lat location of the map center at startup.
centerLong 2 The long location of the map center at startup.
geoDatumIn "EPSG:4326" The input coordinate system
geoDatumOut "EPSG:4326" The output coordinate system

Many more options are possible by implementing these using the OpenLayers library.

See Sgvizler/Using, or the example(s) below, for how to set options.

Live Example

Query: Plot ground seismic survey areas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


<div id="ex"
        SELECT ?WKT ?name ?featureID
        { ?featureID a npdv2:GroundSurvey ; 
                     npdv2:name ?name . 
          ?geometryID npdv2:isGeometryOfFeature ?featureID ; 
                      geos:asWKT ?WKT . 
   style="width:400px; height:265px; border:1px solid black; display: inline-block;"></div>


The result of the HTML above (left), and a google.visualization.Table rendering of the same query (right).


See Sgvizler/Setup for how Sgvizler is setup on this site.

Note that the query and visualization is ment to show the use of Sgvizler, and may not be the most appropriate way of illustrating this result set.



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