Sgvizler has moved to github. This site and its repository will no longer be maintained.

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  1. Questions
  2. Bugs/Enhancements
  3. Contributions
  4. Stay updated


If you have questions about Sgvizler, use the mailing list Only members of the list can post messages; to become a member, go here

If your question relates to a running instance of Sgvizler, please provide a link to the page and explain the steps necessary to produce the situation that the question is about.

The mailinglist has an open archive:

To contact the developer of Sgvizler directly, use, but please use this only when it is not possible to use the mailinglist.


If you have found a bug or an idea for an improvement, create a newticket for it. Check first that a similar ticket does not already exist in the list of open tickets: report:1.


To edit wiki pages, modify tickets, and to comment the news/blog, you only need an account; again, anyone can register for an account.

If you want to contribute code, code attachements can be added to tickets. You can also ask for write access to the repository.

Stay updated

To stay updated, add yourself to the mailinglist. It is currently low traffic, and you can configure your membership on the list, to only receive email in digest.

Also, many pages on this development site have news feed features; look for the RSS icon which is located on the bottom of pages, e.g., reports (e.g., report:1), the timeline and tickets (e.g., #1) have this option.

You can also add yourself to the cc of a ticket. Do to this you will need an account; again, anyone can register for an account.