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This is the news roll of the project. Comments are very welcome; to comment you'll need to create an account and login.

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From GoogleCode to Trac

Testing out the blog...

We are in the midst of migrating the project from to (this site). The move is motivated by the somewhat poor website/wiki possibilities at googlecode (e.g., no ...

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Sgvizler is a javascript which renders the result of SPARQL SELECT queries into charts or html elements. It is cool stuff! 1 2 3 4 5

  1. Introduction
  2. Usage
  3. Screenshots
  4. Contact
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The name and tool relies on and/or is inspired by  SPARQL,  Google Visualization API,  SPARQLer,  Snorql and  Spark. All the major chart types offered by the Google Visualization API are supported by Sgvizler. The user inputs a SPARQL query which is sent to a designated SPARQL endpoint. The endpoint must return the results back the query results in  SPARQL Query Results XML Format or  SPARQL Query Results in JSON format. Sgvizler parses the results into the JSON  format that Google prefers and displays the chart using the Google Visualization API or a custom-made visualization or formatting function.

If you use Sgvizler in your academic work, please cite the following paper: (There is also a poster available.)

Martin G. Skjæveland.  Sgvizler: A JavaScript Wrapper for Easy Visualization of SPARQL Result Sets. In: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2012), workshop and demo proceedings. Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 2012.


Include charts your web pages simply by adding html element of the following form to your page:

<div id="example"
     data-sgvizler-query="SELECT ?class (count(?instance) AS ?noOfInstances)
                          WHERE{ ?instance a ?class }
                          GROUP BY ?class
                          ORDER BY ?class"
     style="width:800px; height:400px;"></div>

It is simple to get started!  Download Sgvizler 0.6.0 and take a look at the examples and their source code. They contain everything you need to setup Sgvizler on your own site. For more information see Sgvizler/Setup and Sgvizler/Using

See Sgvizler/Compatibility and Sgvizler/TroubleShooting should you get into trouble.


Samples of many of the chart types and renderings that Sgvizler can produce. Click image to see a description, live example and larger image.

source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gAreaChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gBarChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gBubbleChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gGauge.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gGeoChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gGeoMap.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gLineChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gMotionChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gOrgChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gPieChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gScatterChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gSparkline.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gSteppedAreaChart.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gTable.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gTimeline.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/gTreeMap.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/sDefList.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/sList.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/sMap.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/sText.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/dForceGraph.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/rdGraph.png.thumb.jpg source:misc/image/screenshot/thumb/sMapWKT.png.thumb.jpg


See Sgvizler/Contact.

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